54th Conference Proceedings

We are now sold out of these proceedings. However, the League should soon have these available through LuLu. Once I know the hotlink, I will post it here.


ProceedingsCover 22 small

Check out these article titles!

Lightning Protection for Amateur Radio; Lloyd Berg, N9LB

A Different Approach to Strip-Line and Micro-Strip; Barry Buelow, W0IY; Bryan McCoy, KA0YSQ, and Greg Lind, KC0SKM

All Mode VHF Radio Sport Operation; Sandra Estevez K4SME and Steve Kostro, N2CEI

Elecraft K3 Operation with N1MM/WSJT; Sandra Estevez K4SME and Steve Kostro, N2CEI

FT-991A Operation with N1MM/WSJT; Sandra Estevez K4SME and Steve Kostro, N2CEI

Building and Using the YU7EF Antenna Designs; John Feltz, W9JN, and Ken Boston, W9GA

The Quest for 222 MHz WAS; Joel Harrison, W5ZN; Charles Betz, N0AKC, and Al Ward, W5LUA

Doppler Shift on Meteor Scatter Pings; Mike Hasselbeck, WB2FKO

The Impact of Real-World Terrain on 6m Rovers; Jon Platt, W0ZQ/R

The Impact of FTx in VHF Contests and Recent Rule Changes Based on Work Completed by the ARRL CAC VHF+ Subcommittee; Jon Platt, W0ZQ, and James Duffey, KK6MC

222 MHz Transverter, Mark 3; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

902 MHz 18 Watt LDMOS Power Amplifier Module; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

a 1/4 Watt No-tune Amplifier for Cheap and Simple Transverters; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Cheap and Simple Transverter for 2304 or 3400, Mark 2; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Great Noise Figure, But Still Can't Hear?; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Low-cost Panadapter for the FT-817 and Other Rigs; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Miniverter Mark 3: A Bare-Bones VHF or UHF Transverter; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Simple RF Power Monitor; Paul Wade, W1GHZ

Smart Fool-Resistant Conditional Sequencer, Mark 5 with Optional IF Interface; Paul Wade, W1GHZ